start: mov eax, -0x0fffffff mov ebx, -0xff mov ecx, 2 idiv ecx neg ax mov al, 3 neg al mov ah, 3 neg ah mov eax, 3 neg eax mov dx, 0 mov ax, 0xffff mov cx, 555 div cx mul ebx mov eax, 2d mul bh mov eax, 0x2 mul bl mov eax, 2 mul ebx mov eax, 4294967295 mul ebx mov ax, 17 mov ecx, 0 mov cl, 2 div cl mov ax, 256 mov ecx, 0 mov ch, 2 div ch mov eax, 10 mov edx, 1 mov ecx, 2 div cx mov eax, 10 mov edx, 1 mov ecx, 2 div ecx inc ah inc al inc ax add ah, 4 add al, 10 add ax, 10 add eax, 1000000 dec ah dec al dec ax dec eax div ebx add ebx, 10 sub eax, 2 compare: cmp ebx, eax ja above below: jmp exit above: dec ebx jmp compare exit:



cf 0
of 0
sf 0
zf 0

Supported instructions

Behind every instruction are the possible types (registry, value or label)


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